Saturday, February 8, 2014

Recap: The good, the bad and the ugly

Hello all! I would love to say that I am a svelte 200 lbs., and everyone was so amazed at their wonderful health, they all switched out to Paleo and Crossfitting. No such luck. Let's start with the kids. Both came through unscathed. The Peanut is still a major sugar junkie. He did find out the hard way that grains hurt his tummy. He thought he would be slick and sneak a cookie. He got caught by his PaPa, then the little booger ran up to tell me that he offered PaPa a cookie, and that PaPa tried to give him one. Oh what a tangled web we weave... He did eat the cookie he snatched, and got a day long belly ache for his trouble. The Pookers on the other hand, was a trooper. He doesn't have a sweet tooth, so the lack of sweet treats weren't such a big deal to him. He just kept track of the days until Hardcore Paleo was over, and took everything in stride. We broke HP with some Paleo cinnamon rolls (OK, all that sugar isn't even close to Paleo), and the determination that sugar is a factor in wild child behavior is confirmed. It was bad with both of them (the Peanut more so). The kids really thought that when "Mom's Paleo kick" was over, they were back to toast, sandwiches, and treats, boy were they surprised. As for me, I let daily stresses rule me. Instead of being logical, I was emotional. I let old time habits take control, using Paleo foods. I did stay sugar light (only fruits), so much so, that my favorite chocolate bar (74%) was far too sweet, and didn't taste very good. I am still staying away from sweet foods (although the cinnamon rolls were tasty, with tons of butter...). My exercise program went kaplooey, mainly due to knee pain. Jillian is a great workout, but she is hard on knees. I can do 30 seconds of jumping jacks with no stops (good), and now I can do plank jacks too! When I wasn't doing Jillian, I did Burpees, with some modifications, adding plank twists and plank jacks. I worked up to 9 Burpees, and would like to be able to do more, so I will keep at them. I also used bicycle crunches for an ab workout. As far as weight loss goes, I am no better off. Still hovering at 224 (that sucks). I only lost inches around my shoulders, which seem to just move to my belly. Where to from here? In March, I am doing another round of hCG. In the mean time, I am going to revamp my menu (again). I am subtracting eggs from my diet. I am also going to continue to stay away from sugar. I have been drinking coffee excessively, and am going to add more water, reducing the amount of coffee I am drinking. Winter is a hard time to increase water, which I think is more mental than anything else. With the cold weather, coffee just seems better, and water is for when it's hot and you are thirsty. But, in all actuality, we need just as much water during the winter as we do in the summer. Gurgle, gurgle... I am also going to limit my portions (ever hear that one before????). My food will consist of lean proteins and veggies. I am going to keep my fruits limited to 2 servings (oranges or strawberries), and go fat light. I tend to use too many condiments, in large servings. I do love my condiments. But, like sweet treats, baked goods, flavored coffees, and all other yummy goodies, they aren't going any where, and I can have them again some other time. You can't live with an everything or nothing attitude. Sure, I have removed grains from my diet, but have found substitutes that I can enjoy on a now and then basis. We always hear "moderation is the key". Yes and No. Yes, treats and such can be moderated to a point. For me, food is my drug of choice. I have to eat, everyone does. For me, there are tons of foods that I have to moderate, then there are foods that I can go to town on, mainly, veggies (the green type). Food is always a work in progress. Some are good ole standbys, again, veggies. Some are necessary, but must be limited, starches and proteins. And some must be avoided, but with reason, for me, it's grains, legumes, sugar, and most processed foods. In the end it's all about common sense.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Hardcore Paleo-Days 8 thru 16

Sorry gang, it's been 10 days since I posted. Last Tuesday, I did measurements and had some interesting results: Weight: 222.4 Fat %: 38.9 Water %: 41.2 Neck: 13 Ribs: 39 Ankle: 8.5 Arm: 12.5 Waist: 38 Wrist: 7 Hips: 49 Chest: 39 Thighs: 22 Bust: 42 Calf: 14.5 In one week, I only lost 2 lbs, but trimmed down 14.5 inches (overall). The biggest surprise was my waist, which came down 8 inches (either I trimmed or measured wrong). Some places went up (wrist +.5) and some stayed the same (arms, ribs, hips, and ankles). I knew this was coming, but am still a bit sad about my fat and water %'s. I was hoping that the fat % would go down and the water % would come up. I have a couple of theories: A) I was on my girly time, which always messes me up. And B) Gaining more muscle plays havoc with BMI. The actor Tom Cruise has a BMI that says he's obese. I am fairly sure that that man has never seen a "fat" day in his life. What that is, is compact muscle, which weighs more per square inch. The standard BMI calculations don't work with muscle to weight ratios. This is why it's more important to go by how your clothes fit, rather then the numbers on a scale. I didn't weigh or measure this week, but I am not too concerned. I am feeling stronger, and tightening up. Please, please: I am begging you. Don't do excess weight damage to yourself. And, if it's started, please, please, start NOW. I have a very ugly "apron". An apron is when you've stretched out your skin on your belly, then lose the weight, but not the skin, and it just hangs down (like an apron). I made choices that led to saggy flesh. It's very ugly, but it's the price I paid for not being diligent about my health and physical fitness. To all those who think that exercise isn't necessary to lose weight are just fooling themselves. There is no magic pill. I speak from experience, and have taken the closest thing I can find to a magic pill, hCG. I did lose 125 lbs. without extra exercise, but that left me weakened. I take a lot of pride in being strong, and am making up for it now. You don't have to spend hours at the gym, in fact, other than access to an indoor pool, I would warn against it. Exercise can be as easy as walking out the door and walking (not strolling) for 20 to 30 minutes. Or, like me, find a DVD that has a twenty minute workout (the 10 minute workout DVDs are pretty good too, just do them twice). Hours and hours at the gym are not possible for most of us. Plus, who wants to get on a conveyor belt to nowhere? I am on day 3 of level 2 of Jillian's Shred. The food. ARG!! I am such a sweet junkie. I have been having bananas and Paleo crunch as afternoon snacks, just feeding the proverbial monkey (pun intended). Although bananas are a great form of concentrated carbs, the sugars just add to the jones. My next downfall is portion control. I have been having seconds (and sometimes 3rds, yikes) at dinner time (veg and meat). So, there are my problem areas, and I need to get a grip on these. The Kids: Actually, they are adjusting fairly well. The Pookers is doing better than the Peanut. The Peanut is a sugar junkie (like Mom), and the Pookers isn't really interested in food (like Dad). I have noticed that the Peanut is calmer in the mornings. We have also been trying to get the Peanut down for naps in the afternoons, which isn't going too well, but he gets so tired in the afternoons, and the fit throwing begins in earnest. Both are looking forward to the end of "hardcore Paleo", but will be sorely disappointed that bread, cakes and cookies will not be flooding into our kitchen. I will be making them a special breakfast with Paleo oven pancakes, and maybe a batch of paleo-fied cookie treats (maybe some pseudo Lara Bars). I am fearful for them to jump right back to a SAD way of eating. It's very hard to deny them the things that others eat (all the adults agree that they must eat healthier, less soda, less sugar), but none are willing to take the plunge and cut these things from their diet. Not only do they eat SAD, they are sad). They all have the luxury of being "skinny fat", which isn't a luxury at all, but damage being done, and no way to tell the difference. They could all look at me and see my fat and point out all my unhealthy ways, but they can't do that with themselves, since they aren't fat. You might be like that, skinny fat, or you might be fatty fat, but what should be first and foremost in your thoughts is your health. Just because someone is thin, that doesn't mean they are healthy, and just because someone is fat doesn't mean that they are unhealthy. Off to start the day!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hardcore Paleo-Day 6

The morning started with "girly time", oh lucky me! The problem with this is just feeling bloated, and just way outta sorts. I did my AM planks, I managed to get 4 minutes of a 5 minute routine in. I am getting a bit stronger, but still have a ways to go. I ended up not being hungry until lunch, and respected my body and didn't eat. I have been going nutty over processed pork products, so for lunch I had 2 chicken tenders and a yellow squash. I have been having some BBQ sauce, but I am going to stick to mustard for the time being, avoiding as much sugar as possible. Later in the afternoon, I had some chips (cooked in olive oil) and some ham (processed pork product). I made the family an awesome Paleo dinner of Meatloaf (paleoized), mashed potatoes, tomato and cucumber salad, with peas (for the fam, I don't eat them, they feel weird in my mouth.). I went ahead and skipped dinner (not recommended), and instead did my Jillian workout. Definitely showing improvement. I am off and running, gotta hit the grocery store and WallyWorld.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Hardcore Paleo-Days 4 and 5

The weekend arrived and I took some time off from exercising to rest and heal up. My muscles are on the mend. I have been sticking to my Paleo plan, which is looking more like a sugar detox. My downfall has been processed meats (I love pepperoni and ham!). A new week is dawning, and I am excited to see some minor, but well deserved improvements. Here's to another day!!!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Hardcore Paleo-Day 3

The real me keeps worming her way back to bad habits. Although yesterday wasn't a total write off, I did make a few (OK, many eating mistakes). Breakfast: Ham, broccoli, onion scramble. This was my best showing. Lunch: Ham sandwich (ham, onions, mayo/mustard on a lettuce leaf), chips (found some great chips at Trader Joe's that were cooked in sunflower oil), and an orange. Dinner: 2 hardboiled eggs, pepperoni, an orange. Major Fail. Dinner was my downfall, mainly because of eating after 7 pm, which is never good. No excuse, in fact, I should have just skipped dinner. We had some major running around to do, and I didn't plan accordingly. My daily exercises went a lot better, not perfect by any means, but I am increasing the amount of planks and time in them. My best showing was in rocking planks, which 2 days ago I couldn't even do. I am also getting better at Plank Jacks (easier on hands then on elbows). Speaking of elbows, mine are chewed up from my lousy carpeting. I need to invest in a decent yoga mat. Jillian is always a butt kicker, but I am doing better. More Jumping Jacks, longer participation in all areas. The 3 day burn is going to last a few more days. I was going to take the weekend off from exercising, but I feel I need to continue, to keep up momentum. I am starting to see some change, or it might be wishful thinking. I am anxious to see what my measurements bring on Tuesday. I am optimistic about inches coming off (my flabby legs are looking even flabbier), but not so much about weight reduction. If I stay at the same weight, I'll take it, mainly because muscle is heavier than fat. OK, let me explain: A pound of fat is the same as a pound of muscle. A pound is a pound. The difference is that a pound of fat takes up more space than a pound of muscle. Hence, when working out, don't rely on what the scale says, rely on a tape measure or calipers, or even a fat % scale. The scale will mess you up in thinking that all your working out is for not, when you haven't lost weight. A few years ago, I had that exact problem, and it nearly caused me to quit working out all together (I did quit eventually, because I am lazy, but I did have better measurements and some minor weight loss). So, other than some major food mistakes, Day 3 was another success. I am feeling good!!

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